SEO & Digital Marketing

Proper SEO and Social Media usage help businesses reach the right customers. You know your target customers, and we help you on how to reach them through leveraging our digital marketing tools. 

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - The Future of Marketing

We believe that the future of marketing is digital, and we use a full range of digital marketing services to maximize your online potential. Whether you sell to companies or consumers, more visibility means more leads and customers to your business.

Our portfolio of organic, paid and web services allow you to reach your target audiences wherever they are on the web. We provide various digital marketing tools and techniques to help you reach your target market. Check our online/digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimaization (SEO)

There are millions of ranking factors that Google or other search engines consider when indexing and ranking webpages in the search results. But at the top level, the three core SEO (search engine optimisation) practices fall under: content generation, links, and technical optimisations.

Getting the wrong links to your website can be detrimental to results. Building a fantastic network of links will be a key part of ranking top for any target search phrases.

There are technical elements of a website that need to be right. Our technical team will look under the hood at the code that Google sees.


Customers are looking for products in specific locations. Google and other search engines include location based search  results, so it is crucial that your company is well optimised for local SEO.

If you are a local business, trying to access a local marketplace, you will know it’s hard work getting your name out there and building a reputation. Our local SEO services can make all the difference.

85% of customers search for local businesses online. What’s more, most of these searches are via a mobile phone. And Google now customise their results to give the best results for local businesses – if that business is optimised to appear in local search.

Social Media Management - Organic & Paid

We leverage our knowledge and social media skills to maximise successful outcomes. We know how people like to engage with brands and are experienced in turning day-to-day social media interactions into an organic brand-strengthening activity.

It’s becoming harder and harder for a business to gain organic reach on social media, as algorithms continually change. Long gone are the days where you could expect to post an update and it reach all of your followers. This is where paid social media services come in.

Your potential customers are maybe on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. They are probably on there daily, and for a good amount of time. They are in a mode of consuming information, and are receptive to relevant messages. It’s where your business should be too.

PPC Management - Paid Advertisement

PPC (Peyotes Per Click) is a great way to gain quick traffic, but it has to be done correctly to maximise the opportunities and keep your costs down. If you’re not targeting the right keywords, you can end up paying a lot of money for little traffic; so leave it to us!

Our PPC Services cover every aspect needed to run a successful PPC Campaign. All of our PPC Account Managers are Google and Bing qualified, passing all relevant exams to ensure they can manage your PPC campaign with the latest industry standards. Our research will advise on which channels are most effective for your business needs, assessing the online competition, and advising on budgets to enable effective competition.

Content Marketing Services

Content is the most important part of every marketing campaigns and search engine optimazation.. Optimising the content of each page for search engines yields higher outcomes. 

When it comes to gaining top rankings in search engine results, content is king. Search engines are driven by complex algorithms that reward user-friendly, quality websites with high rankings.

This means to be successful online, websites need to contain current, useful information including regular updates, blog posts and links to and from other high authority sources. 

By creating such content you will naturally build links over time to your website, helping boost your website authority for your target position, and in turn driving traffic.

We’ll work with you to create that plan that boosts your online traffic and customers.