Office Productivity Tools, Business Emails & more...

Business grade emails and other office productivity tools can help transform your business. Depending on the size and type of your organization, we offer different business solutions.

Business Grade Emails

Promote your company with

We partner with the largest domain registrar and email hosting company in the world, Godaddy! Sometimes, bigger is better. Our partners are experienced in domain hosting, hence your email is in safe hands. 

Huge Email Storage

There’s nothing worse than having to go through years of emails just to free up some space. Our plans offer up to 50 GB of storage (per user), which gives you more than enough room to store all the emails you like.

Strong Email Security

We believe that email is between the parties involved. That’s why we don’t access or share any of your data at any time or deliver ads during your online experience. It’s just one more way we’re watching your back.

Your Email in All Devices

Keep your inbox in sync no matter where you are with the power of email hosting. Whether you’re on a mobile device, at your desktop or on the web, we have solutions that will work the way you work: anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365

We partner with leading technologies to offer you a package of office productivity tools.